Sunday, December 28, 2008

Animals :3

Helloo guys! 

How's your day going?? Mine has been good :D hehe
Anyway, who doesn't love animal??? If you don't love animal, well, just ignore this post cause it's full of animals :P

I LOVE animals, they are so cute :3 These are some shots of animals that I've taken so far :3
This is Hugo! My best friend's little dog :3 It's a toypoodle kind of dog so he's gonna stay small forever :3 hihi I love him 

SHARK :O This was taken @ Sydney Aquarium I guess :p
Dah annoying birdsssss. Taken @ Sydney near Harobur bridge.

Look at how cute this little meowy creature :3 I think it's sleepy zzzz -_- This was taken at a pet shop in Surabaya :D

Beautiful, beautiful crature. This was taken in Sydney zoo

These annoying guys are aiming for food. Just be careful when you're close to them. Remember not to bring any food near them!
Fishhyy :D In someone else's villa at Batu

Hehe cutest rabbit ever. Although he never brushes his teeth :B

So that's my fav photos of animals I took so far!
I hope you enjoy my post :D



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