Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hotel Room | Closet

Hello hello hello :B

Time goes so fasttt. Just wanna show you quick photos I took recently. It was UNintentional! Me and my friends spent a night at JW Marriot just to celebrate my friend's birthday :) And I happened to bring my camera (duh :P). Here are some shots that I took:

Christella and Elaine, in a
Loveee this shot the most :) She looks very pretty here

Elaine with the ballooons :D The balloons were my friend's. It was for her birthday from her boyfriend or something. Can't really remember :P

These ones were shot in a closet! haha, i love how they all turned out :D

I had so much fun taking photos with them! :D
Hope you guys like them :D

Cheers! xx

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