Thursday, February 21, 2013

Taste of Melbourne 2012

Helloo :3
I've been pretty busy with things and my boyfriend just came back to Melbourne last Monday :( Now I miss Melbourne even more.. There's quite a few thins that I miss from Melbourne: the people, the city, and the festivals. The FOOD festival to be precise :)

I finally had a chance to go to Taste of Melbourne last year (2012) :) It was held in Albert Park, a perfect place for lunch! It was such a beautiful day, cloudy at the beginning but then turned into a beautiful sunny day :D The food was beautiful, as well as the designs.

Here are some of the photos:

This mini lamb burger was really good! :9

 The Point's suckling pig... Which kinda scared me a bit :O

Poh!!! Always love her since the very beginning of Masterchef!

Look at those cute buns!

One of my favourite stalls!
They sell seeds if I'm not mistaken. Pretty cool ideas! Really cool packaging too.


So this is my favorite food of all! The New Zealand regal king salmon wings with chilli salt from the bishop of ostia/Pope Joan. It was salty, crispy, and fresh! Love it :D

 Hehe I really love those cushions :3 I wish I could steal them!

Yummy soft shell crabs :9

This was actually Justine Schofield but I didn't dare to talk to her :p

Sweet Darren Purchese from B&P :D
I was hoping B&P brought their cakes there but they didn't :( So I tried their explosive raspberry ice cream instead. Delicious!

And may I present you.......... 

 Marco Pierre White!!!

He looks so different from tv, he looks nicer and calmer :P





It was an awesome day and I wish to go back there and visit Taste of Melbourne 2013 if I have the chance. For you guys who are still living in Melbourne, enjoy every second of it :)

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