Saturday, December 15, 2012


I made it! 

After 3 years of hardwork, I am finally a Bachelor of Communication Design :)
So we graduated on the 12th of December 2012. Such a lovely date to remember our special day. So sad that my little sis and boyfriend couldn't come :(

The day began with the graduation parade, which started at 10. We walked from Building 9 (our building) to Fed Square. It was soooo hot that day and so crowded! But it was worth the time :) We were supposed to arrive at Fedsquare on time cause there were some people doin the speech or something. But we took a lot of photos instead :P

Look at our happy faces! :D

We managed to take photos in front of State Library as well!

We couldn't handle the hotness so we went to have some bubble tea. Graduation parade Asian style :P

 and finally met this two cuties!! They're Mitha's nieces and I've been waiting for so long to meet them :D

It was just too hot that day :( Poor herr
 Crowded, crowded, crowded!!
 Look at all our photographers :p hahaha. It's my friend's moms, dads, and brothers. Some of the photos on this post are from them :) Thank you!

 They were ready all the time! :P

 Alice's dad :D

 Free doughnuts for us :3

 The speech, the important part of the parade, which we didn't really listen to....

 John!! My foundation studies friend back in 2009 :D So happy to see him that day :)

 Windy who seemed hungry that time :p

 All the girlsss

Finally we went to Etihad stadium, where the graduation ceremony was held at.

 Mom, big sis, me and dad :)

 Inside the stadium...
 We have to sit there and wait for our names to get called. Well actually, our names were only shown on screen. Only masters got their names called :\

 Me and eli waiting to get up on the stage :P

 Look at all the people waiting!

   Yay we graduated!! I asked my friend's brother to take picture of me receiving the certificate but haven't got it :P This is the only picture I have after the graduation. Felt so excited that time but sad as well :')

 Thank you for everyone who came and all the flowers and dolls. I couldn't thank my mom and dad enough :') I wouldn't be here if they weren't there to support me. I love you both :* :*

Talk to you soon, everyone :D

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