Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone :D

I hope it's not too late to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! This Christmas is not that exciting for me :\ Well the most exciting part was taking photos with Prisca yay!

Anyway, I'm back home at Surabaya, Indonesia. I've already missed Melbourne so much :( Christmas here in Surabaya is sooo different compared to Melbourne. Here are some of the photos I took capturing Christmas in Melbourne:

Some vintage and lovely stuff at some shops in South Melbourne :)

Look at these simple christmas trees! Very creative, aren't they?

This is my favorite part of Christmas in Melbourne :D It was really beautiful!! It was in Town Hall, using projections and music. The animations were really amazing :O Here's the link for the video. It's a must watch video! :p

Christmas at Crown

Christmas greetings from Flinders Station!

Tiffany and Co.'s Christmas display :) so lovely!!

Now you know how much I miss Melbourne :((

Moving on................ :D

Me and Prisca decided to have this photoshoot for Christmas few days ago. We did it in Prisca's cousin's house, which really suits for her beautiful red velvet dress :) Here are the photos:

This is my fav photo :') They are soo cute! The little girl's name is Christie, Prisca's 10 year old sister. She was helping us a lot that day, even suggested a a lot of great ideas! *applause*

 Behind the scenes:

Don't you just love it when your model laughs :D

My lil sister, Prisca, and her little sister :3 Thank you, loves :*

You can check more photos on Prisca's blog :) 

Merry Christmas to all of you!! I wish you lots of love, joy and happiness :D


  1. how i love your pictures ave! <3
    btw what lens did you use? just wondering :)

    Merry Christmas :D


  2. Thank you and merry christmas to you too!
    For the christmas in melbourne photos im using Sony NEX 5, kalo foto prisca pake 16-35mm hehe :) hope that helps!