Friday, December 7, 2012

I'm finally graduating!

Hi hello everyone.

I'm back here after almost 2 years not posting anything.. Well I barely posted anything back then :P BUT 2013 resolution! I'll be posting more stuff :D I have lots of lots of lots of things to share :D Some exciting and some probably boring :/ Please bare with me :P

So.. What happened in the past few years? 

I've been busy with Uni, doing assignmentsss, (I took Commdesign in RMIT) as well as PROcrastinating. Yes I am a pro, oh well.. I also did an internship with my talented friend, Alice in Jakarta as a graphic designer for a while. After a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, procrastinations, and blood and tears scattered (ok too much exaggeration), I AM FINALLY GRADUATING!! 

I am so happy yet sad at the same time. Happy that I've finish uni yet sad to leave Melbourne :( :( But I promise myself to be hard working :))

So anyway, me and my friends have already picked up our graduation gowns last Wednesday and we decided to take some shots first. Too bad Alice and Janet couldn't make it :( Anyway, here are some of the photos we took:

Wearing gowns for the shoots. Look how silly Eli is and yes she is graduating this year as well :P

Love Mitha's shoes!! Cute, arent' they?

Me :3

 I look so calm and quite here :P

  So happy graduating! yay!

 Windy and her graduation bear, which she actually got for her birthday present..........

Hahah I love this one. The bear is too cute, not her obviously HAHAH :P

Hahahahahhahahahah okay my fav picture of all. Seriously. That look is so precious. Please don't kill me when you see this :D And I shud've taken a photo where she camouflaged the banana with yellow leaves..... Because there were no bins near us hahaha

Excuse the blurriness hehe :) Someone asked us if we wanted to take a picture together since we couldn't do it ourself. So that's why, but thank you, nice person.

Last but not least, jumping and throwing the hat to the sky photo is a must, we thought. Unfortunately, we didn't bring any tripod.. so this is the best we could do

YAY to us, graduates! Can't wait for the graduation ceremony! It's a pleasure knowing you all :') I wish after graduating, we could still keep in touch and be silly together again. Without sleepless nights ofcourse!



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