Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hello, loves :)

This post is dedicated to my lovely best friend, and my ex room mate in Melbourne, Sammy :)  She's a really nice person who cares a lot of other people, sometimes even forgets about herself :p

So I've already had these images in my mind long time ago. After 3 years hiding in my closet, the mosquito net for babies that I bought from IKEA was finally used! :D  I decided to use it for taking photos with Sammy :)

Here are some of my fav photos. You can also check the rest on my facebook page :)

We decided to use the net as a wedding veil :) I think this is one of every girls' dreams to get married hehe

Behind the scenes.......

It was supposed to be summer, but it's Melbourne :\ It was hot in the morning, then suddenly the wind blew really really strong when I went out from my apartment. I was kinda scared but thank God for Windy and Sephine, who helped me a lot that day :D :D Thank you super girls :*

Windy helping me hold the net cause it was so "windy" haha :p Actually Sephine was also on the other side holding the net.

The wind is too strong the net kept on flying away!

 It was cold you can tell from this image :p

 Sephine helping Sammy with the "veil" :3

Thank you so much both of you :* :* Couldn't make it without you two *hugs*

 The stuff. Lots of leaves fell down cause of the wind :O

And last but not least,

Thank you so much, Sammy. I am really glad to have you as my best friend. There are precious moments with you that I couldn't forget :') Thank you for always listening to my boring life stories before bed, giving me advices, taking care of me when I was sick, always making me laugh, and so much more. I wish you good luck for your studies and of course your love life :) Keep believing on what you love and don't forget to visit me! :D

For more photos from this photoshoot, check Ave Photography facebook page :)